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Some Signs You Are In Need Of A Root Canal Treatment

No one out here is just happy to visit a dentist and have some procedures done. Though there is that fear, there comes a time when you have no option but to seek treatment. For example, your pulp might become infected or inflamed on the tooth inside, becoming uncomfortable. With this, you need to have a root canal. Today, many people will go for root canal Nanuet NY treatment and reduce the pulp inflammation.

But what will happen when your dentist recommends that you have a root canal procedure? It is good to understand this treatment is done when your dentist removes the inflamed, infected pulp, and nerves in the tooth root. They then clean that area inside and even shape the root canal inside. Once cleaning is over, the space gets filed and sealed. After this, doctors will do a crown on that affected tooth to restore and give it protection so that it can function as it is required.

You will know it is time to get that root canal treatment when the following signs come.

When you are biting and chewing, it must go on smoothly. However, when you start having some excruciating pain as you chew food and even bite, it means some nerve damage happening. This brings some pressure that affects the infected pulp and thus triggers those nerve endings. Here, you experience sharp pains, throbbing pain that radiates to the jaw. If this happens, you can visit a dentist who will recommend a root canal treatment.

We all enjoy taking that cold drink when the day is hot. During cold days, we always want to consume something hot. If having sensitivity issues when taking hot or cold foods, there is something wrong with the nerves. It means your pulp is inflamed or infected. The extreme temperatures will cause some irritation to your nerves. By this coming, it leads to some pain and causes a lot of discomfort. You will have the sensitivity that comes as throbbing or sharp pain. Some people complain of some dull aches that will still be felt even after taking the drinks and food.

When you have an infected pulp, it leads to swellings and tenderness. Some tissues surround the root tip and they get swollen, become pressure sensitive, or inflamed. For some people, they develop pimple-like bumps in the gums. Over time, these pimples develop pus that causes bad breath. It also causes some very unpleasant taste. For the swollen, tender gums, it could be a sign you will benefit by having root canal treatment.

Another cause to worry is when your teeth start darkening or discolored. Your pulp is full of blood vessels that nourish the teeth. If there is an infection, these vessels will not nourish the teeth. After infections, they cause discolorations and this makes the tooth darker. Bacterial infections make the tissues break and cause some black and gray discoloration. As this happens, your tooth will become more brittle and can fracture often. Those infected teeth develop lines and cracks with some yellow, black, and brown hues, signs of dead pulps. When you notice discoloration and dark teeth, visit a dental clinic for a root canal.

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